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Dalal Eljaji is 57 years old and became a single mother at the age of 27. She is a business owner/chef and has 3 children who happen to be triplets (1 boy and 2 girls). The hardest thing about being a single mother was knowing that she would be a single mother to triplets. She was a newcomer to Edmonton and was not familiar with the language or the culture. She had no financial stability, and no spousal or child support. She knew providing for her children was going to be challenging as raising triplets was going to consume all of her time. She kept her faith in God that he would find a means of providing for her and her children. God would not burden a soul more than it could handle. She was willing to do whatever it took to protect and provide for her children.

Dalal admits that a mother’s instinct is to always worry. She feared for her children’s safety, she wanted to make sure nobody would ever separate her from her children. Her life was committed to her children and she could never live without them.  Dalal’s hope for her children is to always be happy. She hopes that they will always find success in all aspects of their lives. She hopes that they will never have to rely on others for help and that they will always be able to stand on their own two feet.

Her advice to new single mother’s is to be STRONG. Strong in faith and in hope. Always believe in yourself and know that God brought you to it he will get you through it. Be strong in patience because nothing is ever permanent. Empires weren’t built over night so stick to your beliefs, have confidence, listen to your intuition and always do your best in your journey to raising righteous kids.

This is the right plaid pattern you need in your life. This jacket is perfect for this season and comes with pockets! We would like to add that it has an oversize feel and look to it. 


Small- Chest: 20" Length: 40"

Medium- Chest: 22" Length: 40.5" 

Large- Chest: 23" Length: 41" 

Extra Large: Chest: 24" Length: 41.5"

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