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Our beautiful green bell sleeve top has a double layered bell sleeve. It also has a high low look to it as well with slits on the side. 

Small: Bust: 17" Waist: 32" Hip: 36" Sleeve Length: 26"

Medium: Bust: 18" Waist: 34" Hip: 38" Sleeve Length: 26"

Large: Bust: 20" Waist: 40" Hip: 42" Sleeve Length: 26"

Extra Large: Bust: 21" Waist: 41" Hip: 46" Sleeve Length: 26"


This piece will be named Anonymous as the story is being told from a family members point of view. The individual dealing with a mental illness is 26 years old and a construction worker. Their mental illnesses are Depression, and addictions

Triggers: Addictions

Hurdles due to the mental illness: Her family feels at a loss. They had not noticed the signs happening right in front of them. It was not until the term “suicide” was brought up that they realized they severity of the matter. Although the family member dealing with addictions, at the moment refuse any professional mental help, they are working closely and carefully to gain their trust and confidence to assist them in seeking the professional help they require.

Advice you would give family members dealing with the same mental illness:

Never be ashamed of having a mental illness, whether its happening to you or a member of your family. Mental illness is not a taboo, it exists and it is not a phase. So read between the lines, listen to the voices, and watch the actions and behaviours of your loved ones but most importantly do not make them feel alone. Talk to others and inform yourself of the causes and symptoms of mental illness. Knowledge is power; educate yourself. Educate others on the matter and teach those in your community to bring people in rather than push them away.

Interesting things about your family member:

The family member graduated High school without physically attending classes. They aced every exam without ever studying. They are a math whiz and incredibly smart. Always helping other students with their homework even though they attended different classes. They care deeply about their family and they are an extremely hard worker. The family member is resilient as they come, even though they fall often they always get right back up again.