"Aliyah Allinoor" - Dress

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This lace dress is absolutely gorgeous to wear. It has a silhouette that doesn't cling but still makes you feel and look effortlessly beautiful. The amazing detail on the neck is one of a kind. 

Small: 28" Waist 63" Length 

Medium: 30" Waist 63" Length 

Large: 34" Waist 63" Length 

Extra Large: 36" Waist 63" Length 



This piece is named after Aliyah Allinoor who is 18 years old. She will be starting the Digital Media and IT program 

Her Mental Illness: Anxiety

Triggers:There could have been many ways that triggered her anxiety but nothing specifically. After learning the symptoms of anxiety she shockingly realized she had it her whole life. It was a defining moment for her because a lot of things became clearer and she started to understand why she was the person she is today.

Hurdles due to Anxiety: A lot of opportunitieswere lost due to anxiety. The constant fear of failure, but most importantly embarrassment had revolved around everyday living. Avoiding volunteering outside the Muslim community, never sharing her thoughts on a political scale, it ended up suppressing her values and morals. Being an artist, as expressive as her work may be, she still gave herself limits on paper. It also played a role in her personality, vocally and emotionally. This meant avoiding certain conversations, feeling alienated within socials scenes or even friends. She knew that it was affecting her life and how people perceived her.

Advice you would give someone dealing with the same mental illness as you:

After realizing you’re an individual with anxiety, acceptance is key! You have to accept that anxiety is constantly changing your life, but at the end of the day you still love yourself. It’s vital to remember you’re not the person your mental disorder makes you out to be. Never forget you are not alone. Seeking help is a great way to recovery. Mental disorders are very common in our society so there is nothing to be ashamed about. Fearing judgments from your friends, community and family is a normal feeling. I believe that no disorder should be compared to, belittled and/or kept silence.

 Interesting things about Aliyah: She finds art a more entertaining and therapeutic way to express her values and beliefs. The most common subject she chooses to draw is portrait making. She has picked up film and editing, and learnt how to do traditional beading  from a Natives Studies class. If sheisn’t working on projects she is outside longboarding.


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