Eman H

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$ 79.00 CAD
$ 79.00 CAD

 Our next piece is named after Eman H she is 21 years old and is currently on the pre-med path trying to get into medical school. Eman deals with depression and anxiety. What triggered the depression and anxiety for Eman was growing up she lived in a really strict household and she was really triggered by that. She had anxiety and depression for the longest time since she was homeschooled and a ton of responsibilities piled on her since the age of 12. Having a happy and healthy household that was understanding can really change ones whole life and prevent specific illnesses like depression or anxiety. When asked Eman what her obstacles were when dealing with her mental illness she explained she really struggled with testing because she was always worried of the consequences that would happen if she didn't get the grades her parents wanted. She would have a lot of testing anxiety and her brain would sometimes blank out completely during standardized tests. When asked what type of advice she would give to someone dealing with the same mental illness as her she explained that you should put yourself in a good environment and surround yourself with supportive friends. Don't go through it alone. Some cool things about Eman that she actually graduated high school at 16 and college at 19. She explains that it really shows that one can accomplish anything with handwork and dedication. Don't allow anyone to break your dreams and hopes. 

It is so hard to find a thin long puffer vest so we decided to make one of our own. What we love about this piece is that it is quite versatile. You can take the hoodie off or keep it on, its as simple as unzipping it. With the high collar it allows for a more luxurious feeling. The model is wearing a size small. This fabric is made out of Micro polyester. These vests do fit SMALLER, so you may have to size up! 


Size Guide

Small- Chest: 39" Length: 34.5" Waist: 36"

Medium- Chest: 41" Length: 34.5" Waist: 38"

Large- Chest: 43" Length: 34." Waist: 40"

Extra Large- Chest: 45" Length: 34.5" Waist: 42"