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Our long zipper tops go right above the knee and are embellished with gold zippers  on the side. 

Small- Bust: 19.5" Waist: 34" Hip: 36" Sleeve Length: 23"

Medium- Bust: 20" Waist: 36" Hip: 38" Sleeve Length: 23.5"

Large- Bust: 21" Waist: 39" Hip: 41" Sleeve Length: 24"

Extra Large- Bust: 22.5" Waist: 42" Hip: 44" Sleeve Length: 25"


Our next piece is named after Carly Lohmeier who is 20 years old and is currently a student.

 Mental Illness: She was previously dealing with anxiety and depression. Although she doesn’t typically classify herself as a depressed individual anymore, her mental illnesses are always in the back of her head and present in her life, just much, much less.

Triggers: It wasn’t anything in particular. It was a general mix of puberty, school, self-esteem, and the lack of friends in her life just turned into a big jumble that sent her on a downward spiral. Junior high into high school was a very difficult and horrible time for her.

 Hurdles: One of the biggest hurdles that she had to deal with was her family life. With her depression she was always sad, angry, and generally bitter whenever she had to be around her family. It really strained her relationship with her parents. All she ever did while at home was sleep until dinner and then slept again until morning with little family time. With that too, she never did homework or studied, she just slept for hours, and it was all that she could do. Along with that, she also quit her hobbies and sports, which were the only things she did out of school. Since she had no friends outside of the people she sort of talked to in class, outside activities were all she had. It took her a really long time to finally make solid group of like-minded friends, come out of her shell, and begin finding things she loved again.

 Advice you would give someone dealing with the same mental illness as you: As much as it’s so incredibly difficult to actually get out and start doing things that you once enjoyed, that was what really turned her life around. Getting back into art, surrounding herself with genuinely good people, and making time for you is so important. She always took the weight of the world on her shoulders but she eventually learned to let go and put herself first. Finding hobbies again, going outside, being who you were before your depression. It’s the hardest thing to do though; she wasn’t able to be herself until she moved away for a year after high school. Ultimately though, asking for help is the first step. It’s not easy to do on your own and she doesn’t think she could have done it without professional help.  

Interesting things about Carly:  She is currently is trying to learn her banjo that she bought at 16 but never had the motivation to pick up, She’s huge into art, nature, music, and just seeing the world. She moved to the mountains for a year and she plans on continuing doing work and travel programs around the world after university until she decides to settle down and get a career with her degree.


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