Brandi (Sabira) Murakami Zipper Top

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This piece is named after Brandi (Sabira) she was born and raised in Calgary Alberta, with her ethnic background consisting of being a quarter Japanese and German and French. She was baptized in the Lutheran faith as a baby but did not have a strong religious upbringing but always believed in God. Brandi states that her biggest influence on her when it came to Islam was her older sister who had converted 20 years prior. She was the first person to expose Brandi to the religion and has guided her throughout the years knowingly or not. Her influence and knowledge within the Muslim faith is something she looked up to and relied on through her transition. When asked what attracted her to Islam, Brandi explains that it was being able to openly express your servitude and submission to Allah (swt) five times a day with prayer and gratitude. There was a sense of unity she would feel when spending time with her sister and other Muslims and they would use the commonality of the Arabic language with speaking words such as  Inshallah and Subhanallah. We all are the same no matter our backgrounds  or how we came to Islam in the fact that we all have complete submission and purpose of serving Allah (swt). When asked what the conversion process is like and what people don’t actually see, Brandi states that she would like the Muslim community to definitely realize and understand that reverting to Islam required her to change and alter her entire way of life and how she grew up to be able to serve Allah (swt) to the best of her ability. She is still learning daily knowledge required to do so because she is a very recent revert. Saying the Shahada for her was definitely not a sporadic decision or “event” that she took lightly. It was years in the making and having a full understanding of what she was taking on and how she felt in her heart. She thinks people need to understand that everyones revert experience will be different and it would be great if the Muslim community was able to  show converts more understanding, acceptance, and patience then their fellow born and raised Muslims since this way of life is completely different for them. Since she did just revert on Dec 21st 2019 she says the challenges of being a revert is very fresh and new. One challenge that she has had to overcome and that she decided to face right away was the courage to wear hijab. She states it was not easy walking into work one day with her colleagues knowing her old identity and then the next day being covered and looking completely different. But the more she has worn it the more confident she has become as a Muslim women and knowing that she can still be herself under the hijab. Her proudest achievement so far as a recent revert has been her confidence to  meet new people and attend lectures and functions that she would never have gone to previously. She can be quite shy at times and since converting she has been more “out in the spotlight you could say”  and expressing her opinions more  and having more of a social life that has been beneficial to her. She has been forced out of her comfort zone that she has always known with being an introvert and now being more of an extrovert. When asked how can the Muslim community be more supportive to new converts she states that they could support more reverts by having more learning lectures and or meet ups with other fellow converts for them at local masjids and mosques. She thinks having more of a hands on approach to showing how to pray and other practices would be beneficial . She knows that there is a lot of  groups you can join on social media for support but to have actual one on one meet ups with other Muslims to discuss ideas and challenges would be more beneficial. Alhumdilallah she has a pretty good support network through her sister in Toronto  and some other reverts in Calgary but she goes on to say that this may not be the case for others in small or rural towns elsewhere. When asked how she deals with Islamaphobia she explains she hasn’t had any experience in that department yet since just newly converting but she is sure that she will face this challenge at some point unfortunately. She thinks the main key is not to react with more negativity and or anger. These individuals have lack of knowledge and that is why they have these false ideas  and assumptions about Islam. If we react in a calm and positive manner towards them then it will neutralize the situation and not make it worse. We have to continue to share the correct knowledge about Islam and show an example of what a Muslim truly is and Inshallah her hope is that this  will bring about peace in the world and stop the hatred. 

The zipper tops are always our customers favourite piece. We have the new color for this line and its a deep teal color. We love how this looks on and the color is just absolutely beautiful. 

*The model is wearing a small.*

Small- Bust: 19.5" Waist: 34" Hip: 36" Sleeve Length: 23"

Medium- Bust: 20" Waist: 36" Hip: 38" Sleeve Length: 23.5"

Large- Bust: 21" Waist: 39" Hip: 41" Sleeve Length: 24"

Extra Large- Bust: 22.5" Waist: 42" Hip: 44" Sleeve Length: 25"


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