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Rajia Fayad is 42 years old and became a single mother at the age of 35. She is a teacher and also runs her own microblading and henna brows business called Arched Beauty Ink.  She has 3 children ages 16, 13, and 11. Rajia explains that nobody sets out in life to get a divorce. The hardest thing about being a single mom and going through a divorce was dealing with it publically and protecting her children. What she found to be light at the end of the tunnel is that the only affirmation she should be seeking was from God the Almighty.  After all, He was witness to the pain and gave her this test as a gift. He is the only One worthy of proving herself to. The journey from “this is the worst thing that could have ever happened to her” to…”God chose this for her, therefore it was best for her,” was perhaps her greatest feat. Changing her lens and perspective to one that saw blessings in what she got to do everyday with her kids, rather than what she HAS to do, was transformative for her.  Some days are still hard for her, it feels like she needs to be in so many different places and hold so many roles, but she really tries to keep perspective and remember just how blessed she is to be their mom.

Rajia worried how she would be responsible for every aspect of 3 little humans as a single mom. From their basic needs, emotional well-being,  their education to building a strong faith-based foundation...she was it. It seemed like an insurmountable task.  She went on to say that perhaps her biggest worry was how she was going to pull this off with the least amount of damage to her children. She wanted their lives to continue on with as little interruption as possible. She wondered if she would be enough in creating a “family,” or “home” for them. She didn’t want them to feel like they had less than the other kids they knew and to be judged for having a broken home.  

Her hopes for her kids is to turn out to be God-fearing, honest, and hard-working human beings. She hopes they will greet their own reflections each day with kind eyes, knowing they are enough. She prays that they have spouses who are the coolness of their eyes, not a source of sorrow or hardship. She prays that she is giving them enough, enough skills, enough love, and enough faith.

Her advice to single moms is don’t sweat the small stuff. Your kids need you too much to have excess background noise, so eliminate anything and anyone who creates that. Stay focused and aligned on the big picture, which is your kids and your own home.  God has entrusted you with this job, so rock it and be a role model of resiliency and a solider to your kids. Don’t be hard on yourself, you’re constantly on double duty, so give yourself a pat on the back once in a while. Reach out and ask for help when you need it and most importantly, take time for yourself to breath and decompress so you can start fresh each and every day. Lastly, she also wants to focus on the fact that education is key and important. You never know what life brings you and when you’re forced on your own 2 feet. This is not just a message she wanted to give to single moms, but to young girls in general. 

 Our cross over top is made from the same material as our famous zipper tops. The length from the back is longer than the front. 

*Keep in mind with the sizing that these shirts are extremely roomy.*


Small- Chest: 38" Length: 34"

Medium- Chest: 40" Length: 35" 

Large- Chest: 42" Length: 36" 

Extra Large: Chest: 44" Length: 39"








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